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Shedding Light on Common Sunscreen Myths - Myth 5 of 5

Here is my last myth for the sunscreen series. Myth 5. Any quality contract manufacturer can produce a quality sunscreen.
Not true! Sunscreens are regulated as OTC drug products and require a Drug Facts label that meets the FDA’s requirements. Only FDA-registered, cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant contract manufacturers, such as DermaQuest, Hayward, CA, are allowed by law to produce these products. I have had years of experience developing broad-spectrum sunscreens, using a broad range of chemical and mineral filters, antioxidants and complementary ingredients, like Vitamins C and E, proven to help boost a sunscreen’s SPF; red algae with UV-filtering compounds; and Chromabright, a skin whitener with UV protective features.

Sam Dhatt

Shedding Light on Common Sunscreen Myths - Myth 4 of 5

This a myth that effects the workaholics not on Summer holiday. Myth 4. Only people who are outdoors 15 minutes or longer a day need to wear and reapply sunscreen every two hours. While it is true that anyone outside for extended periods of time should wear and reapply a sunscreen at least every two hours, it only tells half the story. Office workers who sit at a desk close to a window, for instance, should also wear sunscreen to protect their skin. A little known fact: UVA rays can penetrate glass and age the skin without a person ever suspecting or feeling the effects, since it’s the UVB rays that leave our skin sunburned. Similarly, it’s important to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days, since a sunburn can still penetrate the cloud cover.


Sam Dhatt

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