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Just how much does the Sun age your skin?

Summer is a highly anticipated season that many look forward to as early as January with the outpour of New Year’s resolutions that revolve around weight loss and fitness goals so that we may bare our skin during the summer. We await the summer season for hiking, camping, picnics, bar-b-ques, jet skis, and many other [...]

Video: Stem Cell 3D Eye Lift

Our Stem Cell 3D Eye Lift has been awarded 'Best Advanced Eye Product' by THE BEAUTY SHORTLIST! Watch the Video This eye cream’s natural lifting effect will leave you with a youthful, revitalized appearance. Before & After You can see the results within minutes after the product application. Benefits Improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles [...]

Thank you Planet Earth!

I’ve decided to utilize the day’s beauty and sounds of nature as my muse. And, a muse it is. The sounds of nature are gently seeping into my ear drums as I get settled. As I sit and put my feet up I began to look around in observance of Earth Day. From the harmonizing [...]

Video: B5 wins again!

We are delighted to announce that our Essential B5 Hydrating Serum has won 'Best Daily Serum' at the THE BEAUTY SHORTLIST Awards 2017!   Watch the Video Essential B5 Hydration Serum is a drink of water for your skin! Our unique hydrating serum helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin, enhancing skin firmness, [...]

Antioxidants: What You Need to Know (and eat)

Aging is more than just getting older. There are many reasons that skin ages. Environmental damage, excessive exfoliation, glycation, senescence, inflammation, and free radical damage are just to name a few. According to Dermatology Research and Practice, Human skin is constantly directly exposed to the air, solar radiation, environmental pollutants, or other mechanical and chemical [...]

Reducing Wrinkles with Plant Stem Cells

What an exciting time of year it is for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Why is this so exciting? Spring brings a new, fresh, excitable energy. This energy fosters growth and nutrients sufficient for plants and vegetation. This energy ignites a creative momentum that sweeps through your home as you prepare to give [...]

Revitalizing Aging Skin with Vitamin C

Vitamin C serves its purpose in defending and protecting the skin.  It also operates as a tremendously, valuable antioxidant available for skin care formulations. Antioxidants offer protection to the skin and prevent accelerated skin aging while nourishing and supplementing its deeper layers and fighting free radical damage. Free radicals cause chronic damage to the cells [...]

Video: Fighting Acne – DermaClear Collection Explained

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Emma Stone, La La Land, DermaQuest

Get your skin ready for the Red Carpet

Oscar nominated LaLa Land co-star, Emma Stone Celebrities are sprucing themselves up for their debut at next week’s 89th Academy Awards. The Oscars are a chance for these superstars to let the world see what and who they are wearing on the Red Carpet. The pressure is on to up the ante as they grace [...]

Video: Applying Serum

Supreme Luxury Anti-Aging Serum Stem Cell 3D Hydrating Serum Drench your skin in a cascade of moisture with our hydrating serum, bursting with botanical stem cells. Benefits all skin types and yet was particularly formulated for oily skin Enhances firmness and elasticity Deeply hydrates the skin Remarkable concentration of plant stem cells to soften fine [...]