Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel


Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel will brighten undesired persistent pigmentation while inducing cellular turnover for an immediate healthy glow.

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a unique pairing of hibiscus alpha hydroxy acids with mandelic and azelaic acids.  this gentle brightening peel will treat undesired hyperpigmentation resulting in a healthier and brighter complexion. hibiscus flower is a particularly effective exfoliator but it also has a “botox-like” effect on the skin providing an immediate lifting and smoothing of the skin. this no downtime peel is a perfect introduction to a SkinBrite Peel series and will leave skin strengthened and infused with a glow.

Best For:

all fitzpatrick skin types experiencing dullness, photo damage and pigmentation. use caution with sensitized skin

for professional use only. see SkinBrite Chemical Peel Protocol – Level 3


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