Salicylic Prep Solution


this 5% Salicylic Acid Prep Solution goes far beyond the ordinary degreaser to eliminate oil as it cleanses. this prepping solution was designed to be used in conjunction with acne treatments, for clients with thick, resistant skin and/or clients with a sensitivity to glycolic acid.

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this advanced prepping solution is designed to slowly lower the skins pH and prepare the skin for professional treatments. used for primarily thick, resistant and oilier skin types, Salicylic Prepping Solution’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formula provides the skin with nourishing plant extracts help to calm irritated skin. strontium nitrate reduces sensation, while salicylic acid eliminates surface oils and works to penetrate the pore. skin is left perfectly prepped and ready for advanced treatments.

Best For:

thick, resistant skin or cystic acne. the prepping solution may also be used to amplify professional treatments. refer to appropriate protocol for guidelines.

for professional use only. Saturate 2X2 gauze. Ensure that there is no dripping. apply one swipe evenly over face, neck and décolleté. wait until solution dries, then proceed with appropriate professional treatment.


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