SkinBrite Solution


gentle SkinBrite Solution is a dual-purpose skin prepping formula. it can be used to enhance all SkinBrite professional protocols as a prepping solution and a brightening amplify option.

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formulated with Madonna Lily plant stem cells, 10% Azelaic and 3% kojic acids, this gentle degreaser is ideal for all resurfacers and chemical peels that require melanin suppression. SkinBrite Solution can also be used as a leave-on treatment for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. this gentle prepping solution is safe for sensitive skin as it helps to prevent UV damage.

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most beneficial when incorporated as a prepping solution and leave on solution for hyperpigmentation within our SkinBrite series.  safe for all fitzpatrick skin types and sensitive skin.

for professional use only. see the prep and prime/amplify step(s) in our resurfacing and chemical peel protocols.


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