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Just how much does the Sun age your skin?

Summer is a highly anticipated season that many look forward to as early as January with the outpour of New Year’s resolutions that revolve around weight loss and fitness goals so that we may bare our skin during the summer. We await the summer season for hiking, camping, picnics, bar-b-ques, jet skis, and many other [...]

Antioxidants: What You Need to Know (and eat)

Aging is more than just getting older. There are many reasons that skin ages. Environmental damage, excessive exfoliation, glycation, senescence, inflammation, and free radical damage are just to name a few. According to Dermatology Research and Practice, Human skin is constantly directly exposed to the air, solar radiation, environmental pollutants, or other mechanical and chemical [...]

Reducing Wrinkles with Plant Stem Cells

What an exciting time of year it is for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Why is this so exciting? Spring brings a new, fresh, excitable energy. This energy fosters growth and nutrients sufficient for plants and vegetation. This energy ignites a creative momentum that sweeps through your home as you prepare to give [...]

Revitalizing Aging Skin with Vitamin C

Vitamin C serves its purpose in defending and protecting the skin.  It also operates as a tremendously, valuable antioxidant available for skin care formulations. Antioxidants offer protection to the skin and prevent accelerated skin aging while nourishing and supplementing its deeper layers and fighting free radical damage. Free radicals cause chronic damage to the cells [...]